Keyboard Methods

Introduction to keyboard testing


If using Safari, make sure you fix tabbing in Safari before performing any keyboard testing.

To ensure there are no false positives, disable screen reader or any other assistive technology.


What is keyboard accessibility?

Keyboard accessibility is sometimes essential for other types of accessibility.

  • Users without fine motor control to use a pointing device rely on some sort of key-based input.

  • Users without sight can't see where the mouse pointer is.

  • Users may also just prefer to use the keyboard alone instead of switching back and forth between a keyboard and mouse.

There are five general principles that need to be met for keyboard accessibility.

  • Focus Moveable: users can traverse through the entire page without getting trapped.

  • Focus Visible: users can see where they are at all times.

  • Focus Reachable: users can get to all interactive elements on a page.

  • Focus Activatable: users can interact with all interactive elements on a page.

  • Focus Management: When page content changes, keyboard focus might need to be moved somewhere that makes sense.


  • Input is dependent on the user's movement

    • Handwriting

    • Brush strokes

  • Simulation of real-world controls

  • Trapping focus within a modal dialog

Should I test keyboard accessibility on mobile devices?

Yes! Users navigate their mobile devices via Bluetooth Keyboard. We recommend the Logitech K480 for testing.


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