Focus Management

The act of programmatically moving focus from one element to another.


See Keyboard Prerequisites.


  1. Identify controls that display a new widget, content or scroll the page when activated

  2. Activate the control

  3. Determine whether keyboard focus needs to move away from the control that was activated

Creating Issues

Provide enough information to identify which widgets do not move focus accordingly after activation.

Focus Management

  • Description: Focus Management

  • Priority: P2

  • Label or Tag: #a11y211


Widgets that should move keyboard focus are:

  • Dialog Button (a button that opens a dialog)

  • Menu Button (a button that opens a menu or fake-menu)

  • Skip to Link (a link that scrolls the page)


Author(s): Ian McBurnie & Luis Garcia

Last Updated: 2020 December 18th

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