eBay MIND Patterns
Setting Focus on Page Load
Most of the time... don't ever do this.
Setting focus (typically onto a text input), sometimes known as autofocus, on page load has advantages and disadvantages for users.
You must not set focus on page load without strong justification.


  • mouse users are saved one click
  • sighted keyboard users are saved a few tabs
These advantages are only beneficial if the user understands that focus has been placed in the input. If not clear, the user may navigate away from the input and then have to navigate back to it resulting in a loss of whatever efficiency may have been gained by auto-setting focus.


  • creates an inconsistency in navigation within the site/subsite since most pages do not set focus on page load
  • sighted keyboard users that rely on keyboard shortcuts for navigation (Page Down/Spacebar, End, etc.) will need to leave the context of the text input in order to navigate
  • screen reader users that rely on shortcuts for navigation will either need to leave the context of the input or exit "forms" mode in order to navigate


Specific MIND Patterns, such as Page Notice, may direct you to set focus on page load for critical error cases.