Segmented Buttons

Control the state of an object or the visibility of section content


Segmented buttons are a list of JavaScript-based buttons; their purpose is to control the state of an object (e.g. a chart) or the visibility of section content (e.g. branching content).

Best Practices

Segmented buttons are not form controls; although they can be used within a form to provide branching capabilties, they do not store and submit form data.

Segmented buttons are not a drop-in replacement for tabs, nor do they operate like tabs. Tabs and Segmented Buttons solve two different problems.


Segmented Buttons: The pattern as a whole, a list containing two or more segments (upto a maxium of four)

Segment: A regular HTML button (type=button)

Current Segment: The button in the group that is currently active

Working Examples

Experience the pattern in action on our eBay MIND patterns examples website.

Examine the required markup structure on the bones GitHub project.

View a fully styled example on the eBay Skin website.

Interaction Design

Even though visually styled as a group, each button has normal button interactions (i.e. they each live in the normal tab order of the page) that triggers arbitrary JavaScript logic.

The only thing to set them apart from a normal button, is that "clicking" one segment will unset the current segment (the state is conveyed with the aria-current attribute).

Developer Guide 1 - Controlling a Chart

The segmented buttons are formed together in a list, with one button marked as current:

<h2>Price Guidance</h2>
<div class="segmented-button">
        <li><button type="button">1D</button></li>
        <li><button type="button">3W</button></li>
        <li><button type="button" aria-current="true">1M</button></li>
        <li><button type="button">1Y</button></li>
    <!-- some chart/graph -->

Under development.

Developer Guide 2 - Controlling Page Flow

Again, the segmented buttons are formed together in a list, with one button marked as current:

<h2>Create An Account</h2>
<div class="segmented-button">
        <li><button type="button" aria-current="true">Personal</button></li>
        <li><button type="button">Business</button></li>
    <!-- form fields change depending on selection -->

Under development.

ARIA Reference


Conveys the currently pressed segment.

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