Toggle Button

A button that can be toggled between two states.


A toggle button is a special type of button that conveys a pressed or non-pressed state; this state may be conveyed programmatically via the aria-pressed attribute or via visible text alone.

Working Examples

Working examples will be added soon.

Best Practices

The toggle button must be a button (i.e. not a link) when using aria-pressed.

If the state is conveyed via visible text, a link can be used (resulting in a full page reload).

The toggle button must have only two states (whether conveyed via aria-pressed or text).

The toggle button that uses visible text to convey state change must not also use aria-pressed.

Interaction Design


If button has focus, SPACEBAR and ENTER keys should toggle button.

If button has focus, TAB and SHIFT-TAB keys should move to the next or previous focusable page element respectively.

Developer Guide 1

A classic example of a toggle button is an "add to watchlist" button (as seen in the screenshot above), often conveyed with a heart icon that changes between a filled and unfilled visual state.

Adding aria-pressed attribute communicates the current state of the toggle button to assistive technology.

// when the button is not pressed
<button type="button" aria-label="Watch - Apple iPhone 11" aria-pressed=“false”>
    <!-- svg icon goes here -->

// when the button is pressed
<button type="button" aria-label="Watch - Apple iPhone 11" aria-pressed=“true”>
    <!-- svg icon goes here -->

Developer Guide 2

Remember, if a button state is conveyed via its button text, do not use aria-pressed.

The screenshot below shows a toggle button with a state that is conveyed via the button text (i.e. "Watch" and "Watching").

// when the button is "not pressed"
<button type="button">
    <!-- svg icon goes here -->

// when the button is "pressed"
<button type="button">
    <!-- svg icon goes here -->

ARIA Reference


Informs AT the current "pressed" state of a toggle button.

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