Allows selection of one or more items from a list of options.


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The listbox pattern is a JavaScript widget. It allows selection of one or more items from a list of options.

Because it is not a form control, the value will not be passed to the server. If you require this behaviour, please consider the select pattern instead.

A listbox can be self-contained, or be controlled by another widget (e.g. a textbox in a combobox pattern).

Working Examples

Experience the pattern in action on our companion eBay MIND Patterns examples website.

Examine the required markup structure in our our Bones GitHub project.

View a fully styled example in our eBay Skin CSS framework.


  • widget: the pattern as a whole, comprised of the parts below

  • listbox: contains a list of options

  • option: each option available for selection

  • checked: state of each option (checked or unchecked)


  • autoSelect: a listbox with auto select will update its checked state automatically as a user navigates with arrow keys (similar to a radio button group).

  • multiSelect: a listbox with multiSelect allows more than one option to be selected

  • owner: specify the focusable element that will own and control the listbox programmatically (e.g. a combobox).

Best Practices

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Interaction Design

This section provides interaction design for keyboard, screen reader & pointing devices.


If the listbox has no owner, the listbox must be keyboard focusable.

If a listbox has keyboard focus, UP-ARROW and DOWN-ARROW keys must change the highlighted option (skipping any that are disabled).

For a focusable listbox, keyboard focus will appear to be at two places at the same time (the listbox and the options). In actual fact, keyboard focus always stays on the listbox. The aria-activedescendant property controls the pseudo-focus inside of the listbox and we can use CSS to style the active descendant.

For a listbox with autoSelect configuration, highlighting an option must also select that option (i.e. aria-checked="true").

For a listbox without autoSelect configutation, a highlighted option must be manually selected using the SPACEBAR or ENTER key.

Screen Reader

With virtual cursor on listbox, screen reader should announce role of listbox.

The checked state of an option must be announced.

Disabled options must be announced as disabled.


Clicking or tapping button will toggle expanded state of flyout.

Clicking or tapping option in flyout will update button to that value.

Developer Guide

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